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Magnesium Casting Conveyor System
Client: Automotive Parts Plant
Requirement: To meet the tight deadlines of the automotive industry, the customer required an automated method of continuously supplying (2) production lines with magnesium castings. Fork trucks were to be used to deliver full casting containers (approx. 800 lb.) and remove empty containers from the proposed system. Operators were required to unload containers at each production line.

The result was a heavy-duty, low-slung, "intelligent" conveyor system where individual roller conveyor and pop-up chain sections transferred full and empty containers in response to photoelectric sensor data and programmable logic controller programming.

At the production lines, Plencon was able to ergonomically assist operator unloading with elaborate twin conveyor sections designed to tilt, rotate and rise for easy access to castings.

View a sketch of an unload conveyor section using the Autodesk Whip Viewer.