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Coin Blank Delivery System
Client: Major North American Mint
Requirement: With a worldwide customer-base of their own, this customer required a fully-automated, flexible method of supplying (7) coining presses with blanks to be pressed into various currencies.

The customer's requirements were met with a plc-controlled Twin Monorail System. Individual coining presses were fed by custom-designed charge cars travelling on (2) independent, parallel monorails. The charge cars were filled at opposite ends of the monorails by Plencon load hoppers that were constantly fed in turn by existing feed conveyors.

The resulting system was able to automatically service the presses on a first-in first-out basis in response to signals for blanks. In addition, the system could be operated in a Semi-Automatic mode to service a particular press or by radio control in Manual mode for maintenance purposes.

View a sketch of layout of Coin Blank Delivery System using the Autodesk Whip Viewer.