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Plastic Roll Handling System
Client: Packaging Manufacturer
Requirement: A sophisticated plastic roll handling system to store and feed a variety of heavy plastic rolls into a printing press.

The result was a heavy-duty powered conveyor system c/w hydraulic "grabber" and pallet stacker. Heavy rolls of plastic sheet (5,000 lb.) were loaded by fork truck onto an accumulating powered roller conveyor. When required by the press, rolls were transferred using a shuttle and suspended with the grabber. The shuttle would then return to its original position, and the grabber would release the rolls onto twin tilt tables running in tandem with the shuttle. The tilt tables could then be precisely aligned with the press to release the required roll. In addition, empty pallets were transferred to a "stacker" to await removal by fork truck.

View a sketch of a hydraulic grabber using the Autodesk Whip Viewer.